IceKool IceBoxes by EvaKool are better because it’s the insulation that matters!

Looking for THE ice box that doesn’t break, lose it’s lid and keep’s your ice frozen for days
PEOPLE we have exactly what you are looking for so have a Look

Why choose a Icekool icebox:

  • A choice of Nineteen(19) practical sizes designed by Eva Kool Ice Boxes based on 20 years experience
  • Designed for the harshest of conditions
  • Double tough polyethylene wall construction (FDA approved) with a filling of refrigeration grade polyurethane (ISO Polyal) insulation foam with a value of 0.016k.
  • Walls insulation, thickness of 25mm to 50mm depending on the model.
  • Stretch hold downs loops for constant lid pressure with food quality seal
  • Roto machined cabinet
  • Light Blue colour- reflects heat (dark colours absorb heat)
  • Will keep ice for Three (3) to Ten (10)days depending on model
  • Leak proof, rustproof, corrosion free and UV treated
  • Moulded one piece inner -Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Lightweight, Crack and Chip resistant yet strong enough to sit or stand on
  • Through drainage bung with internal drain recess on larger models, for total drainage
  • Quality fittings, Handles that can be used as tie downs
  • All models carry a Five (5) year warranty


Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

Prices exclude all transport and delivery charges.

All Prices Include Vat

IK020B: Loose lid Bait Box
IK080W: Pulling handle, Wheels and internal non remove devider
IK045D & IK085D: Model have internal non remove deviders
IK100TT: Two seperate tub and lids, Internal sizes are per Tub

Ice days are dependant on size of icebox, quantity and quality of ice and ambient temperature.

External dimensions include all fittings

Icekool reserves the right to vary specifications and fittings