Thank you for purchasing one of the range of IceKool Ice boxes by BuddyCool

The warranty covers all aspects of workmanship, finish and joinery, including handles, hinges and bungs, and can be replaced under the terms and conditions 

  • The fault is found to be caused by defective or faulty workmanship or manufacturing process.

Any claim under this warranty must be made within the five (5) years of purchase of the product . to claim under the warranty take your purchased Icebox (with proof of purchase) to your nearest IceKool Ice box Dealer

The IceKool Ice Box need to be returned in it’s original carton or alternatively in suitable packing as to prevent damage, and do not accept responsibility for damage caused by unsuitable or inadequate packaging.This warranty does not cover transport cost or in-transit insurance costs

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These ice boxes carry a five (5) year warranty.


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