IceKool Ice Boxes by EvaKool

This is another great product developed and marketed by EvaKool Ice Boxes Australia, the experts in ice box manufacture.

IceKool Ice Boxes are designed and manufactured to withstand and operate in the harshest of Australian and South African conditions

Fishing,Hunting,Camping and the love of the outdoors are synonymous with the Australian and South African lifestyle but until 1994 one important ingredient was missing on any extended trip away from home . . . an ice box that would retain ice for days as opposed to the few hours that the traditional plastic cooler box offered.

With that in mind, EvaKool was established. A wholly owned Australian company where  it all  started and now you can obtain IceKool Ice Boxes in South Africa .

The demand for IceKool polyethelene iceboxes was overwhelming and the range was soon expanded to include styles and sizes to suit users from all walks of life. As pioneers in the icebox industry IceKool  continues to set the benchmark in icebox design, development and performance.

From humble beginnings as a polyethelene icebox manufacturer IceKool today offers 19 iceboxes in it comprehensive range  all designed to help you enjoy this great country’s outdoors. IceKool is proud to be both Australia’s and South African,s leading brand of polyethelene iceboxes and are passionate in their quest to remain at the forefront of product development and innovation.